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Mindless Things
Looking outside my window at the rising sun,
I wondered
Do you remember me?
Am I forgotten already?
Should I move on?
I had to talk to you;
had to see you;
had to hold you;
had to make sure you were okay,
but I couldn't
I couldn't put you through
any more pain;
any more suffering;
any more sadness
I wanted for you to move on
I needed for you to be happy
I pleaded for you to forget about me
Have you forgotten about us yet?
Do you still wear that hat
you wanted so badly
that I got for you?
Do you still read our notes
filled with love
and words of truth?
Do you still think about moments
when we said, "I love you"
and held each other?
:iconsoulluvr:Soulluvr 0 3
After 3 Years
Crying, the girl ran to her room and locked herself in her closet. It was a sad and pathetic attempt to block out the world. She ducks under her clothes and crawls to the dark corner. She sits up and pulls her legs up to her chest and leans against the wall. She's been pretending for far too long. She loves him, but he had his eyes and heart set on another girl. She should have seen this coming, but she ignored the obvious sings and blindly chased after him. She can stil remember their conversation from earlier.
"So I heard you like that true?"
"You have no idea. This girl, she's perfect. I might ask her out later today."
"Oh? Okay, well, I...I guess that I'll see you later?"
"Yeah, sure"
Angry tears were falling down her face and dripped down to her shirt. She was tired of it. She has always been there for him, always helping him...only to see that she meant nothing to him. He was the only reason why she chose to live and now, he's gone. Thing is though, he's been gone for a
:iconsoulluvr:Soulluvr 2 3
He leaned his head against the wall and let out an angry sigh. He didn't know how he should tell her how he feels. She is his best friend and his only friend that he actually trusts. She was plain looking, but beautiful in his eyes. Looks didn't matter to him. Her honest eyes, her kind heart, and her caring soul were what made her beautiful.
He wished that she could see that she is beautiful; that she isn't a waste of space; that there is a meaning to her existence. He slammed his fists into the wall and made a dent. At this point, he didn't really care. It was time that he told her how he felt so that he could finally quit killing himself over her. He pulled out his cell phone and dialed her number.
:iconsoulluvr:Soulluvr 3 6
Childish Games
Across the room, I can see your face. Your curly blonde hair, your soft blue eyes, normal to everyone, special to me. Your dull eyes lit up and a smile soon replaced your frown when your eyes found mine. I run up to you and hug you tightly. You gently hug me back and kiss the top of my head.
Let the games begin!
I walk us to our seats, half-leading, half-dragging you by the hand. Your hand was warm and scarred, but mine was cold and unmarked. We sit down next to each other in the row that was second to the front.
You go first! Oldest to youngest, remember?
You lean down and whisper in my ear...or at least tried to whisper. Your voice is so deep and loud, so you were actually talking low. I couldn't help but giggle. A blush had grown upon my cheeks when I saw you earlier and quickly became noticeably darker when your lips brushed against my ear.
What? Oh yeah, it's my turn...
I elbow you gently in the ribs, trying to make you quiet, but you just smirk and lean back in your chair. I know
:iconsoulluvr:Soulluvr 1 10
Mature content
A Moment With Cheerleaders :iconsoulluvr:Soulluvr 7 26
Opposites Attract
You're light,
but I'm dark.
You're free,
but I'm trapped.
You like me,
but I love you.
You're cute,
but I'm ugly.
You're too good,
but I'm not
good enough.
:iconsoulluvr:Soulluvr 1 7
Mature content
Freedom? Independence? Rights? :iconsoulluvr:Soulluvr 3 0
EVEN NEWER NEWER NEWER I.D. by Soulluvr EVEN NEWER NEWER NEWER I.D. :iconsoulluvr:Soulluvr 2 16 How did you get up there? by Soulluvr How did you get up there? :iconsoulluvr:Soulluvr 2 2 Homestuck according to... by Soulluvr
Mature content
Homestuck according to... :iconsoulluvr:Soulluvr 3 20
Mature content
Ran Away :iconsoulluvr:Soulluvr 4 8
Music by Soulluvr Music :iconsoulluvr:Soulluvr 1 48 Sharpies 2 by Soulluvr Sharpies 2 :iconsoulluvr:Soulluvr 3 0 Sharpies by Soulluvr Sharpies :iconsoulluvr:Soulluvr 3 99
Bullet For Me
"Because I love-"
:iconsoulluvr:Soulluvr 10 36
Letters to Daddy
~6 years old~
Dear Daddy,
I love you! April is going to take me to school extra early, so I wanted to say hi and that I love you! Have a good day at work! When are you going to teach me to play Mario Kart on the N64?
Allie Baskin
~8 years old~
Dear Daddy,
Why did Momma April leave? Where's Kailee and Abbie? Will I see them again? How come I have to go to your shop? I love it when you pick me up from school!!! You never did that before! It's kinda fun! Hey daddy, the rag won't keep my hair up haha! Maybe we should use the rubber bands next time! Thank you for teaching me to play Mario Kart at last! Remember when I beat you on Rainbow Road? That was funny! I love you!!!
~10 years old~
Dear Daddy,
I want to live with my real mommy now. I miss her and I'm not happy here. I'm not happy because April came back and you never spend any time with me anymore. I promise that I'll do good in school. I'll miss you, but I bet that you won't miss me. I'll be back!
:iconsoulluvr:Soulluvr 2 11


Meeeeeeeeeeeulin by silentpokefreak01 Meeeeeeeeeeeulin :iconsilentpokefreak01:silentpokefreak01 10 3
The Wrong Way
Welcome generation indifferent to the new slave planet
In debt to ourself, sub-operant just the way we planned it
We're all born without ever doing anything to deserve this
If you think it's uncool to care, you're fucking worthless
It's a free market but were all wage slaves
The dysfunctional way our society behaves
Prioritizing profit over all human concern
Time to realize we still have much to learn
The rainbows have evaporated, the butterflies are dead
Grand illusion of democracy, we've all been misled
Obsolescence-manipulation-collusion-exploitation to despise
Socially distorted advertising to promote their wasteful lies
Neurotic corporations looming overhead like a hungry vulture
Corrupted profit strategies tolerated by conditioned culture
Perpetuated ruling class values replacing intelligent activity
Social problems created by systematic synthetic depravity
Public interest overlooked by a meta-corporate government
Non-utilitarian, anti-pragmatic social status sentiment
Walking co
:iconevaderum:eVaderum 2 2
Animal Planet
Humanitarian consideration, those people need a liberation
Third world revolution, time for another U.N. resolution
Putting arms in the hands of so-called freedom fighters
Building a web of lies and extortion like suicidal spiders
Exploiting every person, the sociopathic capitalist burden
I call it arson, when diamond mines burn carbon
Creating an artificial market for diamonds and pearls
Hoarding resources in this green-age like ninja squirrels
Fighting over dark tar, soldiers killed by a parked car
Screams of Allah Akbar, can't you see its a mock war
Securing profits for the ownership-class oil tycoons
Plundering the remains of what we've wasted, like pirate racoons
:iconevaderum:eVaderum 1 0
Birth of Collapse
General election, federal erection
Fucked the world with military protection
Agenda confidential, secrecy essential
Knocked up, pregnant with potential
Financial gains, stratification reigns
The work forces, unemployment labor pains
Political factions, volatile interactions
Federal reserve's economic monetary contractions
Spending caps, budget gaps, society naps
As the system adapts to give birth to a collapse
We can't afford, warning signs ignored
Cut the stimulus feeding umbilical cord
Bail out take-up, time for a shake-up
Give it a smack so it'll wake up
Global alignment, planetary confinement
Breast feed it the milk of enlightenment
To grow up fast, don't forget the past, but get off your ass
The new age is upon us, let's make this one better than the last
:iconevaderum:eVaderum 2 0
My Existence
Sitting in my room I can hear the tick tick tock
As a cold and distant clock clicks away the time
I'm forced to pay the cost of being tied into knots
When I become lost to the thoughts in my mind
My focus is lacking and my wounds need licking
Anxiety is attacking and it's picking me apart
The internal conflict leaves me craving contact
To inflict depraving on my ventifact heart
I try to escape these thoughts and listen to music
Searching for some bliss and to confuse it all away
To exist outside my head and to find what's hidden
Before I'm dead and to let go of what I didn't say
I start to see a piece of who I'm supposed to be
But I can't release the stress being me has been
The real me naps and has yet to be fully hatched
As I relapse into feeling lost and detached again
Burdened by my neurosis, making me feel nervous
Social skills in necrosis, my nauseous frustration
Upon my sanity they carve, killing my last nerve
Making my soul starve, as if I deserve vexation
To focus on a convers
:iconevaderum:eVaderum 7 3
Over the last ten years since I got my high school diploma
This pain has grown inside of me like a malignant carcinoma
Alive but not fully living, like a zombie or a conscious coma
The anxiety used to make my blood swell up like a hematoma
Feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, like it's all melanoma
Made it harder to breath, as if I had developed mesothelioma
Everything turn's to grey, like a kaleidoscope with no chroma
When you're so numb, you wonder why you can't smell the aroma
The enervation made me question the efficacy of my genoma
Trapped behind a wall until I broke through with this idioma
All the years that this life of mine has been a solitary one
A weight on my shoulders measured by the scale of metric ton
Afflicted with altered perceptions of sex, happiness, and fun
From a single parent's sexuality of an uptight, celibate nun
Twenty eight years without any significant other to call hun
The extortion of my sacrifices left me with nowhere to run
Atmosphere of immaturity and i
:iconevaderum:eVaderum 4 0
My Past
    I don't want you around
My life, you stole
How was I so dumb
It haunts me still
I've become so numb
    You're just a jester clown
Can't stop the fall
By grasping at straws
It makes me feel
Sickened by my flaws
    I'll tear off your crown
I've lost my will
And fallen from grace
I'll raze my wall
When I find my place
    Destroy your castle down
I'm the square rod
Forced in a round hole
Makes me see red
Nothing to fulfill
    Raze it to the ground
When I got pissed
I did myself harm
Signs of my past
Two scars on my arm
    The malady will astound
:iconevaderum:eVaderum 6 1
Elizabeth Bathory de Ecsed by ValantisDigitalArt Elizabeth Bathory de Ecsed :iconvalantisdigitalart:ValantisDigitalArt 66 14 Everything To Fear by Manomatul Everything To Fear :iconmanomatul:Manomatul 144 17 Umbrella by EveVictus Umbrella :iconevevictus:EveVictus 1,628 389 Regression by Manomatul Regression :iconmanomatul:Manomatul 103 12 Finished it!!! by LegolasGimli Finished it!!! :iconlegolasgimli:LegolasGimli 12 8 Konichiwa Buffet by LegolasGimli Konichiwa Buffet :iconlegolasgimli:LegolasGimli 18 18 what will I remember by YulienDeath what will I remember :iconyuliendeath:YulienDeath 6 13
Tea and Crumpets
Tea & Crumpets:
Within the center it plumes.
Your raindrop, your fire, your yearning
And indifference.
Pitty you; pitty you.
Flan upon flaming embers,
Embrace me,
Take me away to darkness; your dark… hallow place.
Fear me,
And I'll rule you.
Just call me master,
And I'll make you my slave.
Never again,
Will you underestimate me.
:iconaaron-jay:Aaron-Jay 5 2
Slash Marks
Slash Marks:
Try once,
And fail.
Leaves a nasty scar.
Try twice
And fail.
On your skin marks how
You've lived your live.
Next time…
Do it right.
:iconaaron-jay:Aaron-Jay 10 41


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Tell us how you would react to each saying!

You're such a wuss.
- Oh yeah?! YOU'RE A BITCH.

Ha! But I'm smarter than you!
- Honey, do you even KNOW how stupid I am?

Your crush has a crush on me.
- ...You got 5 seconds to run bitch.

I didn't know you were so dumb when it comes to math.

Hurry up would you?
- I'm coming right now! :XD:

You're so snobbish.
- Are you British? Who really says that? :o

Wanna settle this outside?
- Bitch, I box -_- You REALLY wanna go there? Fine, but you're gonna die.

You afraid of me?
- Bitch, I'm not afraid of ANYONE.

He/she loves me more!

You have bad grades.
- Yes, and that's a chair, and that's a desk, and that's your mom fucking the science teacher of your extra credit!

What if your crush told you... I have a crush on you.
- Then I would say hell yeah bitch, let's go out :P

I don't love you.

I think I love you already.
- Sorry bro, but you ain't the one for me *puts on cool shades*

Can I copy your answers?
- You'll fail, just warning you!

I think I have a crush on your friend.
- :iconjigsawplz: I want to play a game.

Can I sit next to you?
- Sure, why the fuck not?

Would you like to dance with me?
- Why the fuck not?

I think you have a crush on me.

You have a cute smile
- Nuh uh! *hides face*

Why are you so nice to me?
- Because I'm awesome like that.

What's your reaction if your parents told you...

Go home before it gets dark.
- Honey, I be home immediately after school

Look at your sibling, he/she is so good at school.
- Kailee and Abbie have all A's and Sophie has all S's

Go to bed early.
- Going to bed at 8 isn't good enough for you, huh mom?

Clean the house, wash the dishes, water the plants.
- *does it and puts pot in the brownies*

Study hard, okay?

When I was your age I only had 1 peso as lunch money.

Why can't you be more like him?
- Because I'm a chick and no one's like me

When I say no... I MEAN NO!


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Okay, I REALLY suck at Bios, so here we go...My name is Allie Fisher (obviously) and I'm 13 years old. I love animes (Soul Eater, Hetalia, Death Note, and Black Butler). I play the violin and the viola (but I'm working on the guitar, cello, and piano. Piano I fail at TT.TT). I live in Georgia, born in Florida, and I hate oranges -_- and orange juice. I am awesomer than Prussia *shot* and apparently, I'm a child in an adults body (In other words, I'm tall, but I act childish). Sorry if I rant/spam your comment box, but whatever. Too awesome for haters :P Anyway, if you thank me for faves, I can (and will) glom you. Yes, glom. Nobody should thank me for faving something. I should be thanking them for making something awesome enough for me to fav.


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